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Aubie Aquaponics

Introduction to Aquaponics



Full course description

The Introduction to Aquaponics course includes multiple learning modules that guide you through the basics of an aquaponics system and its various applications. While it is geared toward educators, anyone who is interested in learning about aquaponics is welcome to take this course and should find value in its contents. It is a self-paced online training course that provides basic information about aquaculture, hydroponics, water quality, fish biology, plant biology, integrated pest management, system design, and classroom applications. Each learning module contains short quiz questions to help you review the concepts presented. After you complete all of the learning modules, you will receive a certificate of completion for training credit in basic aquaponics.

For further assistance with this course, please contact Dr. Emily Nichols (, Mollie Smith (, or Dr. David Cline (

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