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4-Hi Goes Fast is a Course

4-Hi Goes Fast

Started Jun 14, 2016


Full course description

Seen a cool car lately? What goes into making a great car? Style? Safety? Environmentally friendly? Those are the details engineers work out when they design a car or truck. By enrolling in the 4-Hi Goes Fast course, you will be able to lead your young people on a journey through the world of aerodynamic car design, new forms of propulsion, tires, and assembly lines. Check out the brief synopsis for each lesson below:
  • Movin’ and Groovin’: 4-Hinnovators learn the importance of design when creating aerodynamic cars. Your 4-Hinnovators' challenge is to build a prototype that is aerodynamic so it will go fast and energy efficient so it will go far.
  • Road Rocket: The science and engineering of energy is critical when designing cars. An automobile will not move without energy. Your 4-Hinnovators will learn about energy and that will help with their challenge of constructing a car that will travel 5 feet the fastest.
  • Made to Order: Your 4-Hinnovators design and simulate the assembly line process to speed up car manufacturing. In this 4-Hi challenge, your youth will create a design process that allows a car manufacturer to make as many cars as possible in 3 minutes.
  • Get a Grip: Engineers work to assure that our tires and shoes are made from materials that last well, are designed to reduce the risk of injury, and make our foot or road journeys comfortable and pleasant. In this 4-Hi challenge, innovators will design tire treads to reduce accidents during rainy weather.

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