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Alabama Watershed Stewards is a Course

Alabama Watershed Stewards

0.7 credits


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What is a watershed and why does it need stewards?

Stewardship means taking the responsibility to care for the well-being of something that is valued. Did you know that our everyday activities influence the health of streams, rivers, lakes and coastal waters? A watershed is an area of land through which rainwater drains by flowing across, through, or under the soil surface to a common low point, typically a stream, river, lake, or ocean.  No matter where you are, you are in a watershed and your actions may help protect or potentially harm water resources.

What is Alabama Watershed Stewards?

The Alabama Watershed Stewards (AWS) is a science-based educational program that promotes healthy watersheds, increases understanding of water pollution, and provides the knowledge and tools needed to prevent and resolve local water quality problems.

The goals of the AWS program are to increase awareness, protection, and restoration of land, water, and natural resources, by providing education and tools for individuals.  The course will increase awareness and knowledge about water issues, inspire participation in conservation programs, and inspire activities to improve and protect water and natural resources.

Why Become an AWS?

In Alabama, we have abundant water resources ranging from fast-flowing mountain streams to large, lazy rivers to picturesque coastlines. But the importance of our waterways isn’t always clear. We don’t always see the impacts our everyday activities can have on water bodies, or know how water quality impacts our own quality of life.

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